Monday, 25 January 2016

The Last Hurrah

1. What units/part of the course did you learn the most in/find the most valuable? Why?

The unit that I found the most helpful was the Stop Motion unit. I found it most helpful because it taught us to be patient also that manny small things can make something beautiful.

2. What units/part of the course did find the least valuable? How would you improve them?

 I found the Illustrator the least valuable because it didn't really teach us much and also I personally didn't really get to learn the software

3. What additional materials/equipment would have benefitted your learning experience?

More lighting objects and some backdrop materials

4. What are three pieces of advice you have for future ComTech students?

Have Fun
Listen Always
Show up to Class Always

Friday, 22 January 2016

Summative Write Up

What went well

What went well with my project. I think that the photography in general went very well. I also think that the editing process during the beginning stages went well. Finally I think that choosing the quotes that i would use went well.

What didn't go well

What didn't go well with my project. I think trying to get a picture that was in focus and had the Eye in the middle of the frame was quite difficult. Also nearing the end of the editing stage I was having trouble when I was trying to edit the spelling on some of the photos

What I liked 

What I liked about my project. I really liked how the pictures turned out. I also like how the video turned out when I finished it and added the music. Finally my favourite part of this project was getting to see peoples eyes that close.

What I disliked 
What I didn't like about my project was having to track down people and drag them away from their project. I didn't mid getting pulled away from my project to help with someone else's but I don't think other people enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Day #8

Day #8 Progress Blog

Today I handed in my summative. I added transitions to the video. I exported it and then moved it into google drive along with the photos not in video form. I shared the file that contained the summative with Ms. Wahl.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Day #7

Day # 7 Progress Blog

Today I made some more final edits and added the music to fit in, I also added the title slide and made sure the music ends when the video dose. I also exported the video and uploaded it to my google drive along with the photos not in video format.

Day #6

Day #6 Progress Blog

Today I did some final editing on my photos and found the music I will use.
Tomorrow I will go over the video and make some smaller edits and add a title section.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Day #5

Day #5 Progress Blog

Today I started the editing for the video portion of the project I also started searching for royalty free music. I also helped out on Emma and Juliana's project. on monday I will continue to edit the video and search for music that relates to the theme of my project.

Day #4

Day #4 Progress Blog

Today I finished Editing the photos, I also chose quotes and then added them using PhotoShop.
Tomorrow I hope to start the video editing process or get some more photos of eyes